The Big Issues

Of the many issues facing the 4th district, Mr. Gore is looking to be a true champion of the following:

Jobs & the Economy

James Gore is committed to creating a strong, diversified economy built on quality, good-paying jobs and a strong business base. James has extensive experience in the business community. As the Vice President of a successful company, he represented California agriculture on international trade and affairs while gaining extensive experience managing staff and budgets. Continue Reading


These last few years of drought conditions have reminded us that water availability is the preeminent resource upon which we build our community vitality and sustainability. We need to build forward-looking water plans for our communities, jointly with County and City leaders that ensure water reliability for our people, our natural ecosystem, our agriculture, and our businesses – not just for next year, but for the next 50 years. Continue Reading


James Gore understands that education is an investment in our children and our future. He knows that a quality education not only helps ensure our children’s success, but also lays the foundation for future economic development in our area as today’s youth bring their job skills back home to Sonoma County after college. Continue Reading

Public Safety

James Gore is committed to strong public safety services. He understands that investing in law enforcement and fire protection is of the utmost importance to keep our community safe and ensure law enforcement personnel are equipped with the resources needed to effectively do their jobs. Continue Reading

Roads & Pensions

James Gore will collaborate with public employee groups and the Board of Supervisors to continue addressing the issue of pension reform. The County has already made great strides to reduce unfunded pension liabilities, but more work lies ahead. Continue Reading


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