“I am supporting James Gore for the 4th District because of his new energy and fresh approach to our area. His balanced commitment to a strengthened economy, vital business climate, environmental ideals, and active agriculture is broad and encompassing. Please join me in voting for James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Robin Goble, Windsor Town Councilmember and former Mayor

“I know firefighters can count on James Gore and his commitment to keep our community safe. James will work to protect our community through collaboration with local firefighters across Sonoma County. Please join me – support James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Tim Aboudara, President, Santa Rosa Firefighters Association

"James Gore is someone we can count on to listen to the concerns of ranching families, like mine, and ensure that agriculture remains viable for future generations. Join me and Sonoma County’s farmers and ranchers by voting James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Kathy Denner Reese, Rancher

“I’ve known James Gore his entire life and am supporting his candidacy for Supervisor because he has unmatched experience in water policy, conservation and delivery through his work in the Peace Corps and USDA. He’s committed to leveraging resources at a local and national level to address this year’s drought while looking at long-term solutions to ensure we have a viable water supply for years to come. Join me – vote James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Harry Bosworth, Geyserville Resident and Owner, Geyserville Water Works and Bosworth & Son General Merchandise

“James Gore attended public schools right here in the 4th District and knows that the success of our children depends on top-notch schools and educational programs such as Cradle to Career and upstream educational initiatives. A vote for James Gore is a vote for top-notch schools and educational programs – please join me in supporting his candidacy to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.”
- Lisa Wittke Schaffner, Former Mayor of Healdsburg, Mom and Area 4 Trustee, Sonoma County Board of Education

“I support James Gore for Supervisor because he has deep roots in the 4th District community and will be a leading voice for agriculture, our environment and our economy on the Board of Supervisors. Please join me and the Windsor Town Council majority by voting James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Bruce Okrepkie, Mayor of Windsor

“I support James Gore for Supervisor because he is a conservationist who understands the value of our working landscape. He will ensure the stewardship of our natural resources on private and public lands and protect these lands for future generations. Please join me – vote James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Holly Swan, Healdsburg Resident and Conservation Land Broker

“I support James Gore for Supervisor because he played a central role in launching CropMobster. We are a social venture dedicated to relieving hunger, supporting local farmers and residents to end food waste, and driving positive environmental impacts on both a local and global level. In our earliest and most critical stage, James was one of the few who jumped in without calculation to help guide us, drawing on a vast pool of talent, experience and wisdom. His innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to support this effort reflects a fierce and unwavering determination to boost sustainable agriculture, enhance our natural resource base and fuel the next wave of innovation in our community. Please join me – support James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Nick Papadopoulos, Co-Founder, CropMobster (www.CropMobster.com)

“Small businesses help preserve our small-town character and local economy. James Gore understands that the success of small businesses like mine is elemental in ensuring our friends and neighbors have job opportunities in our area without having to travel or move away from home, and on the Board of Supervisors I know James will be an advocate for small businesses and local job creation. Please join me and small business owners across our community – vote James Gore for Supervisor.”
– Mary Ann Brigham, Cloverdale City Council Member and Small Business Owner

“James Gore knows that investing in better roads depend on a better economy. On the Board of Supervisors, I know James will lead our County towards a brighter fiscal future, facilitating investments in our transportation infrastructure for years to come. Please join me – support James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Chris Snyder, District Representative, Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3

“James understands that the economic vitality of our region is the foundation of the great quality of life we enjoy in Sonoma County. His collaborative leadership style is exactly what we need to continue strengthening our economy and encouraging business development in Sonoma County. Please join me – vote James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Will Seppi, Owner, Costeaux French Bakery

“James Gore has shown an accurate grasp of the reality of the agricultural issues in the county. On the Board of Supervisors he will be the voice of reason and compassion, supporting us the family farmers and ranchers that keep our agriculture viable, sustainable,and environmentally positive. Please join us in supporting James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Tito Sasaki, President, Sonoma Farm Bureau

“As one of the leading Supervisors who worked tirelessly towards pension reform and infrastructure investments, there is no doubt that James Gore will be an effective partner in continuing efforts to rein in pension costs and invest in our roads and streets. James Gore is the candidate I want to work with on the Board of Supervisors to continue advancing these efforts in a collaborative, meaningful way. There is no better candidate in this race to help us achieve our goals. Please join me – support James Gore for Supervisor.”
- David Rabbitt, Chairman, Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and Committee Member, Long Term Roads Plan Ad-Hoc Committee

“James Gore has proven his commitment to our community, leading conservation efforts along the Russian River and around our region. James is a firm believer you cannot have a healthy economy without having strong, vibrant businesses. James will work hard for our interests throughout our community. Please, join me in supporting James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Linda Chavez, Small Business Owner and Healdsburg Resident

“James Gore has proven his commitment to work tirelessly to represent the diverse interests of all those living and working in the Fourth District. His roots in agriculture and upbringing in Healdsburg, Cloverdale and the Mark West area of Santa Rosa resonate with people who have lived here for generations. Please join me by voting James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Tom Chambers, Healdsburg City Council Member

“I support James Gore for Supervisor for many reasons. As an educator, I am impressed with his lifelong support of public education. He has firsthand knowledge of schools in the Fourth District having gone through school here. He is recognized by local educators as a natural leader with the skills to strengthen support of our schools by linking education to early childhood health programs, career readiness, and local job opportunities. Please join me and countless teachers in the Fourth District - vote James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Kathy Birdsong, Retired Teacher and Healdsburg Resident

“James Gore will be a leader on the Board of Supervisors for the many issues facing our community. I believe James will work hard to protect the safety of our community while providing needed community services that enhance the quality of life for all those living in Sonoma County. Please join me, along with residents across our community, in supporting James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Joe Palla, Council Member, City of Cloverdale and Former Police Chief of Cloverdale and Healdsburg

“I support James Gore for Supervisor because he’s been a strong advocate for greater access to medical services for all Sonoma County residents, along the entire spectrum of care, whether it’s at a private practice, community health center, stand alone specialty care facility like ours, or district or regional hospitals. I know the medical community will be able to count on James Gore to address their needs now and in the future in innovative ways, for comprehensive, quality health care delivery right here in our County.”
- Viveka Rydell, Esq./CEO, PDI Surgery Center, Windsor

“I’m supporting James Gore for Supervisor because his ability to listen and take action on important community issues is second to none in this race. I know he will work with small businesses, the agricultural community and residents to strengthen our economy and quality of life now and in the future. In this election, I urge you to vote James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Scott Bartley, Mayor of Santa Rosa

“My family and I support James Gore for Supervisor because his family has multigenerational roots in our agricultural community and I know he’ll be a voice for agriculture on the County Board. Please join us and vote James Gore for Supervisor.”
- Paul Foppiano, 5th Generation Healdsburg Resident & Vineyard Manager, Foppiano Vineyards

“James Gore knows the vital role district hospitals and community health centers play in serving our local community. I know he’ll be a strong advocate to address our community’s health care needs and ensure Kaiser, Sutter and Memorial work in conjunction with local district hospitals to effectively serve the residents of the Fourth District.”
- Mark Thayer, Former Chair, Alexander Valley Healthcare District Board of Directors

“I manage a business right here in the Fourth District, and have been impressed by James Gore’s ability to reach out and listen to the concerns of local business owners. James is committed to helping local businesses recruit and retain a skilled, well-trained workforce, and I know he’ll be an advocate for workers and businesses on the Board of Supervisors.”
- Tony Geraldi, General Manager, Sonoma County Airport Express

“James Gore has been a true leader in water policy and conservation, securing millions of dollars to protect the Russian River watershed, our precious water resources and the fish and wildlife that depend on them. He understands the seriousness of this year’s drought and is committed to working with stakeholders at the local, state and federal level to develop sustainable solutions that will help protect our surface water and groundwater supplies for years to come.”
- Karen Gaffney, Ecologist, Watershed Planner and Healdsburg Resident




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