Letters to the Editor

SOS supports Gore

Letter to the Editor | October 30, 2014 | THE HEALDSBURG TRIBUNE

Editor: Save Our Sonoma Roads endorses James Gore for county supervisor. He is an intelligent, articulate, and energetic man who cares deeply about his native county.  When we first discussed road issues, James analogized the problem to the scores of crumbling dams that were challenges during his work at the Department of Agriculture. Like our failing road system, the government constructed dams but neglected to maintain them.

James is committed to solving our infrastructure problems because they directly impact our economic viability and quality of life.  While he supports the quarter cent sales tax increase for roads, he recognizes we also must change county budgeting to increase the contribution for road maintenance from the county general fund.  The new supervisor must stand firm to implement the goal of reigning in pensions to 10 percent of payroll (currently 30 percent for safety workers) and demands for salary increases.

Deb Fudge promises to solve this problem, but we are concerned about her pledges to county unions. JFK observed that “to govern is to choose.” We need a supervisor who chooses to fix our roads without being compromised by promises to siphon funds elsewhere.

Craig S. Harrison, Santa Rosa
Michael Troy, Penngrove

Need for a fresh mind

Letter to the Editor | October 30, 2014 | THE WINDSOR TIMES

Editor: On Saturday, in the mail, I received a political ad from James Gore titled “My Opponent Has It All Wrong.” I want to congratulate James for stating what most politicians have seemed to have forgotten —we vote to put people in office who are willing and able to listen to all of their constituents. Signing and agreeing to pledge support to groups as Deb Fudge has done even before being elected to me is not the sign of someone with an open mind. Does anyone find it odd that the majority of council members in the Town of Windsor support James Gore? To me it tells a lot about relationships or lack of. We need a fresh mind and energy to be the 4th District Supervisor. I encourage your vote for James Gore as 4th District Supervisor.

Mike Velasquez

My Choice

Letter to the Editor | October 30, 2014 | THE WINDSOR TIMES

Editor: I just cast a vote on my mail-in ballot for James Gore as 4th District Supervisor. I’m a little concerned because I don’t yet know as much about him as I would like, and I haven’t met him face-to-face. On balance, however, I think he is the best choice because of his previous executive-level government experience, what I perceive as a ‘will-do’ attitude to governing, and his minimal ‘debt’ to builders and government employee unions. On two different occasions my wife and I were at Windsor Town Council meetings and heard Ms. Fudge refer to Orrin Thyssen as “our builder.” Of course that was before he became over extended and crashed financially. The business community surrounding the Town Green is attractive, but it’s a graveyard of many short-lived and failed businesses and Ms. Fudge offered no assistance to overcome the problems. Lack of sufficient parking is a key factor, so why wasn’t Ms. Fudge keeping an eye on that? Now it appears “we” have a new builder; a Southern Californian with a plan to develop another ‘village’ and Ms. Fudge is aiding him by voting for his proposed development despite cautionary comments from her council colleagues and Town functionaries. He, of course, has also contributed large sums of money to her supervisor campaign. Further, Ms. Fudge delights in telling us of her ‘leadership’ role in SMART (Sonoma-Marin Area Rapid Transit), and her long-term involvement with the governing board. Six years ago I and many of my north county neighbors voted a tax increase on ourselves to get and use a rapid transit system. Six years later we have nothing and no foreseeable plans to get anything in Windsor, Healdsburg, Cloverdale, etc. Where has she been to look after our interests?  That’s not the kind of ‘leadership’ or representation I want or need. Twenty years of her talk with little, if any, supporting action is too much. I urge you to join me and vote for James Gore.

Ralph Patrick Austin

Diligence and Care

Letter to the Editor | October 30, 2014 | THE WINDSOR TIMES

Editor: We past elected mayors and members of the Windsor Town Council will vote for James Gore for County Supervisor, 4th District. Together, we include all of the formerly serving council members who still reside and vote in Windsor. We join the majority of all the current elected city council members in our 4th Supervisorial District, including our own, in this endorsement. It is time for fresh voices in local government. Having seen first-hand the crucial importance of a local government’s relationships with state and federal agencies, we know that Gore’s experience on the federal level adds a dimension of knowledge that will benefit the entire county. We like his having served in the Peace Corps and studied internationally, his fluency in Spanish and Italian, and the choice that he made to return here with his wife to raise a family. Relatively young, Gore is a mature and responsible person, able to connect with the diverse stakeholders in our district. His advanced degrees in business and agriculture further set him apart as highly qualified to understand the tremendous range of issues that a supervisor must deal with. We note that many local agricultural families, having known James all his life, have posted signs on their properties to show their support. We appreciate Gore’s diligence and care, and we admire his commitment to serving. We urge fellow voters of our 4th District to elect James Gore.

Julie Adamson Galvez
Maureen McDaniel Merrill
Warin Parker
Marjorie Smith

Clean Campaigns

Letter to the Editor | October 30, 2014 | THE WINDSOR TIMES

Editor: I was dismayed to see the Smear Gore campaign attributed to Deb Fudge. She disavowed and deplored the campaign from the first mailer, and I think that should be respected. Both she and Gore have run clean campaigns, and they agree on most issues. It seems to come down to: she’s a committed local, and he has experience nationally. I would hope folks would make up their minds on that, and not let that ugly campaign smear either one of them, either by believing the hyperbole, or by believing Fudge responsible or approving. A back-lash either way would not be fair.

Mary Johnson

Character matters

Letter to the Editor | October 23, 2014 | THE HEALDSBURG TRIBUNE

Editor: I’ve known Deb Fudge a long time … probably 20 years. We worked together as Council members representing our respective communities. I’ve always liked her, and I respect her for being a hard working Councilmember trying to do the best for her community. That respect has faded considerably as a result of the terribly nasty and distorted campaign mailers that have demeaned her opponent Jimmy Gore. I really had expected more from Deb … she should know better than to allow that kind of trash to taint her campaign efforts. I really had expected her to ‘be above’ that type of negative-style campaigning. Sonoma County voters deserve better.

Jimmy Gore has run a straight-forward campaign wherein he has detailed his accomplishments working for the Obama administration, and has laid forth his vision for the future of Sonoma County. No negative baloney…just a blueprint for fiscal responsibility, support for agriculture, pension reform, road repair, and a very keen awareness of environmental sensibilities. There’s a reason why the city council majorities in Cloverdale, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, and Windsor have all endorsed Jimmy. They all need to work together with a 4th District Supervisor they know they can trust. Those Councilmembers realize that this is a critical time for the future of Sonoma County, and that we need a Supervisor who is not beholden to special interest groups, but who will do their best to represent the general public. There is something very telling about the fact that candidate Deb Fudge cannot even get majority support from her own Windsor Town Council.

Character matters. Compare the mailers from both camps. Do you favor candidate Deb Fudge whose campaign is defined by nasty negative slurs, or do you favor candidate Jimmy Gore whose campaign has provided a clear and positive vision for the future of Sonoma County?

Kent Mitchell
Former Healdsburg City Councilman

Supporting Gore

Letter to the Editor | October 23, 2014 | THE HEALDSBURG TRIBUNE

Editor: As we approach election day, I am enthusiastically supporting James Gore for Fourth District Supervisor.  He is a dedicated and thoughtful man who has a deep love of this region. He is interested in new ideas and proposals for how we can negotiate the difficult issues that face us: such as water shortage, agricultural diversity, road improvements, and housing. He will and does  listen to all points of view. He is dynamic, smart, open-minded, approachable and indefatigable.  

Please join me in voting for James Gore on November 4.

Barbara Médaille

Thanking the voters

Letter to the Editor | June 27, 2014 | THE PRESS DEMOCRAT

EDITOR:  I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to voters in the Fourth District and across Sonoma County who joined me in casting their ballots in the June 3rd election. 

As both a civic-minded resident and a candidate for County office, I thank you for joining me in exercising our most basic right as citizens – choosing those who represent us.   

I am honored to have received so much support and am excited to be advancing to the General Election, set for November 4. 

I also want to recognize my opponents for their hard-fought efforts to represent this community, and for bringing a variety of issues forward.

Over the next several months, I’m committed to working harder than ever to reach back out to the residents of the Fourth District to hear their voices, ideas and concerns about the future of Sonoma County.

For those voters who supported another candidate, I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to earn your support as I work to bring a fresh perspective and real leadership to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.  Thank you.


Endorsing Gore

Letter to the Editor | June 1, 2014 | THE PRESS DEMOCRAT

EDITOR: As the former president of the California Association of Winegrape Growers and U.S. Department of Agriculture chief of staff, I have had the pleasure of working with James Gore for more than 10 years. He is smart, effective and passionate about public service. He honed his leadership and management abilities during his time at USDA, where he was involved in a number of high-level programs to better deliver services to rural communities. Gore is about problem-solving and collaboration, and he stays with a project until the job is done. During his three years of service at USDA, he was twice recognized with the secretary's honor award, the highest award given at the department for management excellence.

Throughout his time in Washington, we all knew that Gore's heart was in California and, specifically, in Sonoma County. Even when promotions and opportunities were offered, Gore and his wife stayed with their plan to bring the family back home to Sonoma County to raise their children. I am honored to count Gore as a friend and offer my highest recommendation of him as a personal and professional colleague and public servant.


Support for Gore

Letter to the Editor | May 1, 2014 | THE PRESS DEMOCRAT

Editor: Seven local leaders who have served as Mayor of Windsor are supporting James Gore for 4th District Supervisor. Former Mayors Steve Scott, Marjorie Smith, Julie Adamson, Robin Goble, Steve Allen, Warin Parker and current Mayor Bruce Okrepkie all feel that James Gore has the qualities we are looking for in leadership for the north county.

He brings a fresh perspective along with a gift for listening and problem solving in an inclusionary way that will best serve us.

Please join the seven of us in voting for James Gore to best represent Windsor and the 4th District on June 3.