Jobs & the Economy

James Gore is committed to creating a strong, diversified economy built on quality, good-paying jobs and a strong business base. James has extensive experience in the business community. As the Vice President of a successful company, he represented California agriculture on international trade and affairs while gaining extensive experience managing staff and budgets.

Today, James owns and operates a small business as a consultant for agriculture, natural resource management and economic prosperity in rural communities. He knows we must promote economic growth by balancing environmental protection with long-range planning to develop programs and incentives that create jobs, strengthen our economy and attract businesses to our area.

On the Board of Supervisors, James Gore will work towards:

  1. Increasing Transparency – Increase operational efficiencies at the County, particularly at Sonoma County’s Permit and Resource Management Department (PRMD), to provide individuals and businesses with the transparency and consistency needed to manage their operations
  2. Streamlining Permits – Ensure a clear, concise permitting process for new business ventures, such as a one-stop shop, creating a clear and predictable path to permit approval
  3. Leveraging Funding – Utilize his experience at the state and federal level to leverage funding for County public works projects and other infrastructure investments, and to streamline the regulatory requirements on businesses and individuals
  4. Hiring Locally – Strengthen local hiring preferences for public works projects while encouraging local hiring provisions in the private sector
  5. Public-Private Partnerships – Forge stronger collaboration between the County’s Economic Development Board and private sector initiatives to:
    1. Promote innovative local start-up companies
    2. Retain existing local businesses
    3. Recruit companies that can add to the diverse regional economy here in Sonoma County

James Gore’s plan to stimulate our economy and create jobs will benefit local residents while increasing public revenues that can be used to reinvest in our roads, schools, parks and other essential services.


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